Extended Interview: Todd McFarlane Looks Back on 300 Issues of Spawn

In 1992, Spawn kicked off a bold new era in the comics industry. Proving once and for all that creators not only had a viable avenue outside of "the big two," but that they could also generate record sales.

Now, 27-years later, Todd McFarlane's Spawn is about to make history all over again. How? In the above interview with PREVIEWsworld Weekly's Troy-Jeffrey Allen, creator Todd McFarlane reflects on 300 issues of his creation, creators, concepts, and crazy ideas that spawned the SPAWN legacy.

"When I created the character I actually drew a 40-page comic book that I began," McFarlane explains in the above interview. "The difference was that it was against the backdrop of science fiction...because of Star Wars -- the first Star Wars movie was about to come out," he reveals. 

Discover more about the genesis of spawn, McFarlane's collaborations with Grant Morrison and Greg Capullo, as well as an update on the movie...and much more!

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