Gemstone Announces Overstreet Price Guide to Batman

9781603602310 • $30
Gemstone Publishing
On sale: 11/12/2019

Gemstone Publishing is announcing The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman, a brand-new, character-focused guide all about The Dark Knight. This book is being announced on the heels of Batman’s historic 80th anniversary in comic books, a milestone which is being celebrated throughout the industry with tributes and special comics (such as Detective Comics #1000) – and we felt it was a good time to join in on the festivities.

More details about the book can be found in the announcement video below. The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman will feature detailed pricing sections on Batman-related comics and video games, in-depth coverage on vintage toys and action figures, as well as features on characters, creators, and many other types of collectibles.

The Overstreet Guide to Batman will land in shops this holiday season.