Descender Gets a Sequel as Ascender Rises at Image


Powerhouse creative team JEFF LEMIRE and DUSTIN NGUYEN launch an all-new sequel series to DESCENDER with the launch of ASCENDER!  

Set ten years after the conclusion of DESCENDER's storyline, magic has taken the place of machinery and the rules are very different indeed... Mila, the daughter of Andy and Effie from DESCENDER, spends her days exploring the lonely wilds of the planet Sampson and trying to stay out of the clutches of the evil disciples of the all-powerful vampire witch known only as Mother. But, like her parents, Mila doesn't like to play by the rules, and when a certain robot pal of her dad's shows up, nothing will ever be the same! 

With all the scope and heart of the sci-fi classic DESCENDER, LEMIRE and NGUYEN reunite to take readers on an unforgettable fantasy quest!

From the powerhouse creative team behind the bestselling, award-winning DESCENDER—Jeff Lemire (GIDEON FALLS, ROYAL CITY) and Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Little Gotham)—launches an all new series set in the same universe, ASCENDER. The DESCENDER story’s not over and this new ongoing series is set to recapture fans’ hearts and imaginations in 2019.

“Dustin and I love the world of Descender and we're re-energized by this new direction, which has opened all sorts of new storytelling possibilities for us,” said Lemire. “Ascender will feel like a continuation of the Descender saga and like a brand new book all in one."

Nguyen added: “Plus, it'll be fantastic to switch from drawing machines and metal all day, to all flesh and fantasy for a while!”

Set ten years after the conclusion of DESCENDER, in ASCENDER the machines have gone away, and in their absence magic has reclaimed the universe. Now one girl must embark on an epic quest to find robotkind and its fabled boy messiah, TIM-21, before it’s too late…



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Title ISBN Price On Sale
Descender: The Deluxe Edition Volume 1 9781534303461 $49.99 12/19/2017
Descender Volume 1: Tin Stars 9781632154262 $9.99 9/22/2015
Descender Volume 2: Machine Moon 9781632156761 $14.99 5/10/2016
Descender Volume 3: Singularities 9781632158789 $14.99 12/20/2016
Descender Volume 4: Orbital Mechanics 9781534301931 $16.99 6/27/2017
Descender Volume 5: Rise of the Robots 9781534303454 $16.99 1/16/2018
Descender Volume 6: The Machine War 9781534306905 $16.99 9/25/2018