Cartoonist Ivan Brunetti Explores the World of Compound Words in Hist First Children's Book

Cartoonist Ivan Brunetti (Schizo, Haw! Hee!, Misery Loves Company) returns with his first children's book, Wordplay (978-1943145171, $12.95), from Toon Books. It is a hilarious and playful exploration into vocabulary aimed at readers in kindergarden through first grade. 

In an interview with CBR, Brunetti describes the book as "in essence a comic-strip story in the format of a children’s book." He continued by saying, "since English is not my first language, I thought it might be nice to play with the language, using my immigrant’s ear. The book is really about daydreaming (which I have much experience with), but compound words are the vessel through which that theme is poured."

Wordplay (978-1943145171, $12.95) is slated to release May 30, 2017. For a preview of the book, see below.