Oni Spreads the Love With Fresh Romance

Fresh Romance Vol. 1Oni Press is proving that romance (or at least the genre of romance comics) is not dead at all, but alive and well with the new anthology Fresh Romance Volume 1 ($24.99, 978-1-62010-346-3), which collects the first issues of the digitally-released comic in a new, hardcover format.

With the goal of bring back the romance genre in comics, Fresh Romance is an inclusive anthology of stories that revolves around love and everything that it entails, with comics that range from a Beauty and the Beast retelling, covert teenage romances, and even a Regency era drama that wouldn't be out of place in a Jane Austin book. This anthology also features a variety of creators, including Kate Leth (Adventure Time, Patsy Walker: Hellcat), Marguerite Bennett (DC Comics Bombshells, Red Sonja), and Marguerite Suavage (Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch).

"Think of the classic love stories of your youth, and then re-imagine them for today," writes Wired.com, who named the graphic novel one of the five comics to read this month. Publishers Weekly also offered praise to the book, writing "the overall anthology is a great update to one of comics' longest-running genres."

Oni Press brought Fresh Romance to print after a successful Kickstarter campaign run by Rosy Press, who initiated the comic and released the digital issues. Scheduled for August release, the graphic novel is suggested for Adult (18+) readers due to some nudity and subject matter.