Little-Known History Comes Alive In Oni Press' Lion of Rora

The Lion of RoraA little-known but important element of Protestant history is retold in the new graphic novel The Lion of Rora ($24.99, 978-1-62010-248-0) from Oni Press.

In the tradition of Braveheart and 300 comes The Lion of Rora, the true story of Joshua Janavel, farmer-turned-freedom fighter, who will stop at nothing in his quest to save his people from tyranny and religious persecution.

Over eight years in the making, The Lion of Rora was been extensively researched by authors Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage, whose interest in the project was more than artistic.

"The Waldensians are Ruth's ancestors, so the story of Joshua Janavel is a personal and important one to us," said Christos Gage. "But it's also a universal tale of the struggle for freedom, family and a safe place to call home."

"In the same vein as Gene Luen Yang's Boxers and Saints, The Lion of Rora presents moments of history depicted with captivating art," wrote Library Journal in their review making note of artist Jackie Lewis' work, while SFRevu wrote, "Oni Press has done a wonderful job presenting this piece of little known but fascinating history."

To help teachers make use of The Lion of Rora as a historical text, the Gages had a Higher Order Thinking Skill study guide created for the graphic novel, which is available for free on their web site.

The Lion of Rora is currently available and is suggested for Young Adult (13+) and older readers who enjoy adventurous stories (both fictional and non-) as well as historical tales, particularly from European history.

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