Descendants - Evie's Wicked Runway Book 2

Written and Illustrated by: Jason Muell, Natsuki Minami

Publisher: Tokyopop

Format: Softcover, Color, $15.99

Genre: Media Tie-In

ISBN: 9781427861467

Reviewed by Annamarie, Youth Librarian, Westerville Public Library



Evie’s Wicked Runway Book 2 picks up where the first book left off, with Evie competing in a three-round fashion competition at Auradon Prep.

This book requires knowledge of the Descendants movie series and the first book in this series, as it starts with no introduction in the middle of a conversation between two characters. Even fans of the movies would struggle with this book if they are unfamiliar with the first volume, as basic questions like “what is the challenge?”, “when does this story take place?”, and “who is Mia?” are not answered. Readers who are not familiar with the Descendants films will be at a complete loss—there is no explanation of who these characters are, why they know each other, where they are, or any other necessary background information.

The quick story relies on character development that seems to have started before this volume begins, with both fashion competitors Evie and Mia choosing to put friendship and kindness before cutthroat competition. While the moral is good, the shift in behavior isn’t as obvious as it should be, as both girls seem to be trying to move forward after past mistakes that are not depicted in this book.

While the story is difficult to follow at times, the full-color illustrations are vivid and eye-catching. The movie characters are envisioned in a fun, brightly-colored manner that reflects their bubbling personalities and the richness of the original Disney animation that inspired these characters.

While Evie’s Wicked Runway Book 2 requires Descendants knowledge and is ideally read in partnership with book one, this title will appeal to fans of the original franchise, ages 7-10.