SistersWritten by: Raina Telgemeier
Illustrated by: Raina Telgemeier
Publisher: Graphix
Format: HC/SC, 5.5 x 8, 208 pages, Full Color, $24.99/$10.99
ISBN: HC: 978-0-54554-060-5 / SC: 978-0-54554-060-5

Reviewed by: Diamond BookShelf
Sisters is a return to the graphic memoir genre for Smile creator Raina Telgemieir, and offers an engaging, entertaining read for those with (or without) siblings to appreciate.

Taking place during Telgemeier's early adolescence, Sisters mainly takes place during a three-week road trip in which Raina, her five years-younger sister Amara, baby brother Will, and mother drive from San Francisco to Colorado for a family reunion. Telgemeier uses the trip - along with a series of flashbacks - to explore the relationship between herself and her sister. It's clear from the beginning that this is not a peaceful relationship, with the two butting heads at almost every turn. As an early flashback shows, Raina's dreams of sibling-having bliss are squelched as soon as Amara arrives, her brash, active personality coming into conflict with Raina's more sensitive style. One thing the two do share is a love of drawing, even if they don't share the drawing implements.

While ostensibly about Raina and Amara, Sisters naturally touches on many of the themes and events happening in the girls' lives at the time, including the travails of having a family of five living in a two-bedroom apartment, their father's loss of his job, Raina's attempts to fit in with her cousins who seem completely unlike her, and a streak of bad luck with pets. Through all the events the anchor remains the tempestuous relationship between the titular siblings.

With a strong vein of humor running throughout, Telgemeier's story and art draw the reader in immediately and keep them riveted to the end. Sisters is an incredibly well-done memoir sure to entertain those with a troublesome sibling - or who want to appreciate the lack of one.

Sisters is suggested for young readers and up who enjoy memoirs and stories with young protagonists.