Adventure Time: Seeing Red

Adventure Time: Seeing RedWritten by: Kate Leth
Illustrated by: Zachary Sterling
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Format: Softcover, 7 x 10, 128 pages, Black and White, $11.99
ISBN: 978-1-60886-356-3
Reviewed by: Diamond BookShelf

BOOM! Studios continues their line of Adventure Time Original Graphic Novels with this new volume which features AT mainstays Jake the Dog and Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Marceline is called back to the Nightosphere for a family get-together, and is joined by Jake the Dog, who is without his partner-in-adventure. While Marceline is not thrilled by the prospect of going home, she does want to retrieve her bass, which she left during her last visit. All seems fairly normal - given that the Nightosphere is full of demons and monsters - until Marceline goes through her old room and realizes her bass is gone. In the quest to find it, Marceline and Jake not only find out where it went, but the betrayal that
lead to its disappearance.

Writer Kate Leth perfectly evokes the humor and plot structure of the cartoon, moving the story along quickly while dropping one-off jokes along the way. The plot takes a number of twists and turns, but never gets overly complicated, so younger readers will be able to easily keep up. Seeing Red is a story that can be appreciated by kid as well as adult readers.

Zachary Sterling's art also captures the feel of the show, and is well served by the gray tones of the black and white presentation.

Adventure Time: Seeing Red is suggested for older kid readers (8 and up) who enjoy the animated series, the other Adventure Time comics, and cartoon action.