Ages 13+ | Skip

Published by: Nobrow
Written by: Molly Mendoza
Illustrated by: Molly Mendoza
ISBN: 9781910620427
Ages: 13+


Bee has raised Bloom to harvest, hunt, and honor the land and the lake they live on together. When an old radio picks up a distress call about people stuck near the I-7 Ramp and being chased by Tech-Hounds, Bee feels she must leave Bloom and their world to help.

Bee tells Bloom the situation is too dangerous for him to come along. She tells Bloom to take care of the lake, their home, and to be patient while he waits for her to return.

Bloom does exactly what Bee asks him to do for a long time. But Bloom is young and impatient. He’s also becoming nervous about Bee’s return. When Bloom is playing in the shadowy water by the lake, he accidentally finds himself a little too far out. Bloom falls through a dynamically colorful portal that takes him to what seems like an entirely different world. In this new world Bloom meets Gloopy (an exiled member of his own world). With a kindred spirit and a fondness for play, Bloom and Gloopy start traveling through other portals in order to find other worlds. As each world presents so many unimaginable encounters with Alligator Islands, Crying Giants, and topsy-turvy 2D worlds, both Bloom and Gloopy realize that their greatest challenges are not exterior from themselves, but instead interior and based on the fears they face back in their own home worlds.  

Language Arts Elements of Story

Plot: After Bloom learns to grow up and tend to their lake and home, Bee must leave. Bloom follows her instructions to tend after their lake and their home during her absence. For Bloom, however, it seems that too much time has passed, and while he walks out into the lake one day he falls through a portal where his adventure begins with a new friend named Gloopy.

Major Characters: Bloom, Bee, Toyo, Tech-Hounds, Gloopy, Capman, Pip, Oom, the Cat, Soldiers, Gloria, Cut, L1ly, May

Major Settings: Bloom and Bee’s Home, the Lake, the Canoe, I-7 Ramp, the Garden, Various Portals & Realms, the Boat, the Tunnel, Crashed Aircraft, Campsite

Themes: Friendship & Family, Light and Dark, Change and Growth, World Building, Loneliness and Companionship

Lesson Plan Recommendations Using the Common Core Standards


Analyze the impact of the author's choices regarding how to develop and relate elements of a story or drama (e.g., where a story is set, how the action is ordered, how the characters are introduced and developed).

The number(s) referenced above corresponds to the number used by the Common Core Standards (www.corestandards.com

Lesson Plan 

Directions: In order to analyze the impact of the author’s decisions on the design and delivery of elements of story, students need to document details about the two main characters in Skip: Bloom and Gloopy.

1. Please describe Bloom’s home world. What does it look like? Who lives there? What happens to make Bloom leave his world? Be sure to include both quotations and visual images to support your response.

2. Please describe Gloopy’s home world. What does it look like? Who lives there? What happens to make Gloopy leave his world? Be sure to include both quotations and visual images to support your response. 

3. Please describe the types of worlds and friends (or foes) Bloom and Gloopy meet during their journey together. Be sure to include at least 3 examples. Be sure to include both quotations and visual images to support your response.





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