Ages 9+ | Princeless Book 2 (Action Lab)

Princeless Book 2

Published by: Action Lab Entertainment
Written by: Jeremy Whitley
Illustrated by: Brett Grunig, Emily Martin
Format: Hardcover, 168 pages, Color, $19.99
ISBN: 9781632291646
Ages: 9+


With a clever plot pitting father against daughter – unknowingly on the father’s part! – Princess Adrienne is setting off on a quest to rescue her sisters from the towers her father has trapped them in.  Teamed up with her companions Bedelia (her half-dwarf friend) and Sparky (her flying dragon), Princess Adrienne discovers some extra help when she finds poet Roderick Lovelord wandering around the forest also searching for her sister: Princess Angelica. 

To their surprise, they find Princess Angelica and discover she is perfectly happy trapped in her tower.  Surrounded by people who love and admire her, Princess Angelica doesn’t seem to understand the need for her rescue.

Meanwhile, King Ashe has sent his most loyal and brave knights to figure out who has been harassing his daughters hidden in towers around the kingdom. 

Who will save the day first?  Will the King’s knights be able to stop Princess Adrienne (who they believe is another, male knight)?  Or will Adrienne be able to convince her sister that her fate is much bigger than being admired by local villagers?

Elements of Story

Plot: Princess Adrienne is on a quest to rescue her sisters from the towers her father has trapped them in. After discovering that the poet Roderick Lovelorn is also looking for one of her sisters, Princess Angelica, Princess Adrienne and her half-dwarf friend Bedelia, and flying dragon companion Sparky, follow him in hopes of rescuing her.

Major Characters: King Ashe, Sir Rocks the Mighty, Sir Gahiji the Hunter, Sir Raphael the Handsome, Sir Walsh the Braggart, Sir Zachery the Pure, the Black Night, Princess Adrienne, Bedelia, Sparky, Devin, Roderick Lovelorn, Angelica, King’s Ashe’s wife, Prince Ashe, Kira’s father, Kira, Princess Angoisse

Major Settings: Ashland Castle, Woods, Princess Angelica Artists’ Village, Grimorium Swamp

Themes: Adventure, Loyalty, Family, Friendship, Female Empowerment, Quests/Missions

Lesson Plan Recommendation Using the

Common Core Standards (CCS) for Young Adults

Common Core Standard(s)

Craft and Structure / CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.7.6
Analyze how an author develops and contrasts the points of view of different characters or narrators in a text.

Directions for Lesson Plan

Point of view is really important to understanding the plot in this graphic novel.  Each character seems to have his/her own point of view about what is happening and should happen throughout the story.  Students can better understand these points of view if they are able to visualize them. 

Thus, for this lesson plan students need to visualize both their character’s physical features alongside specific, prompting questions about their selected characters’ articulated points of view throughout the story.

Selecting 3 characters and illustrating their physical features alongside the key details that inform their point of view will help students remember and be able to identify them throughout the story.

CHARACTER SELECTION #1: _______________________


CHARACTER SELECTION #2: _______________________

CHARACTER SELECTION #3: _______________________

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