Reference Resources
The books below lay out the history of graphic novels, their standing among the arts, and the most current academic thinking on their utility today, specifically at an educational mindset with an eye toward the concerns and thoughts of librarians.
SJL contributors Robins and Wildsmith offer their expertise in helping find quality kid-friendly graphic novels with their book A Parent's Guide to the Best Kids' Comics, which features 100 titles for kids of all ages. BookShelf spoke with the authors about their guide, and good kids' comics.
A thorough account of the history of the comics industry based on over ten years of research.
by Steve Duin & Mike Richardson
A guide to using comics and graphic novels to overcome language barriers in multilingual classrooms.
by Stephen Cary
An authoritative take on comics from the educational perspective, citing academic studies that argue for the use of comics in the classroom, defining terms for newcomers, and presenting reviews of 25 titles appropriate for various age levels.
by Allyson A. W. Lyga
A comprehensive theoretical study of the creation and reception of sequential narrative, depicted entirely in comics. Essential reading for comic book scholars!
by Scott McCloud