Top 25 Manga for December 2016

To help educators and librarians to be informed about what their students and patrons are buying from their local comic shops, we present the Top 25 Manga titles for October. Each month, Diamond Comic Distributors announces its best-selling graphic novels and trade paperbacks based on Total Unit Sales Invoiced to comic book specialty shops.

VIZ Media's Tokyo Ghoul Volume 10 was December's best-selling manga title.

VIZ had four fo the month's top ten books, including The Pokémon Cookbook at #3, Tomie: The Complete Deluxe Edition at #5, and Pokémon Pocket Comics XY at #10.

Kodansha Comics had three titles in the top ten: Attack on Titan Volume 20 at #2, Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Volume 9 at #7, and Fairy Tail: Twin Dragons of Sabertooth at #9.

Dark Horse Comics had two titles: New Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 11 at #4 and Blade of the Immortal Omnibus Volume 1 at #6.

Seven Seas Entertainment rounded out the top ten with Monster Musume: I ♥ Monster Girls at #8.

Based on Total Unit Sales of Products Invoiced in December 2016

1 TOKYO GHOUL GN VOL 10 (MR) $12.99 VIZ 9781421580456 OCT162019
2 ATTACK ON TITAN GN VOL 20 $10.99 RAN 9781632363091 OCT161673
3 POKEMON COOKBOOK HC $14.99 VIZ 9781421589893 OCT162035
4 NEW LONE WOLF AND CUB TP VOL 11 (MR) $13.99 DAR 9781616553661 AUG160116
5 TOMIE COMPLETE DLX ED HC (MR) $34.99 VIZ 9781421590561 OCT162014
6 BLADE OF IMMORTAL OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 (MR) $19.99 DAR 9781506701240 AUG160114
7 ATTACK ON TITAN BEFORE THE FALL GN VOL 09 $10.99 RAN 9781632363206 OCT161675
8 MONSTER MUSUME I HEART MONSTER GIRLS GN VOL 03 (MR) ( $12.99 ST. 9781626924642 OCT161775
10 POKEMON POCKET COMICS XY GN $10.99 VIZ 9781421586939 OCT162036
11 POKEMON OMEGA RUBY ALPHA SAPPHIRE GN VOL 02 $4.99 VIZ 9781421590165 OCT162037
12 ONE PUNCH MAN GN VOL 01 $9.99 VIZ 9781421585642 JUN158141
13 SUPER MARIO ADVENTURES GN $14.99 VIZ 9781421588643 AUG162108
14 GANGSTA CURSED GN VOL 01 (MR) $12.99 VIZ 9781421590547 OCT162021
15 ANCIENT MAGUS BRIDE GN VOL 06 $12.99 ST. 9781626923508 OCT161763
16 WARCRAFT LEGENDS TP VOL 01 $12.95 PUB 9780989700146 SEP161375
17 TOKYO GHOUL GN VOL 01 $12.99 VIZ 9781421580364 APR151799
18 GOODNIGHT PUNPUN GN VOL 04 (MR) $24.99 VIZ 9781421586236 OCT162029
19 BLAME GN VOL 02 $34.95 RAN 9781942993780 OCT162010
20 MAGI GN VOL 21 $9.99 VIZ 9781421583976 OCT162046
21 MASTER KEATON GN VOL 09 URASAWA $19.99 VIZ 9781421583778 OCT162030
22 LEGEND OF ZELDA LINK TO THE PAST GN $19.99 VIZ 9781421575414 MAR151495
23 BLUE EXORCIST GN VOL 16 $9.99 VIZ 9781421590417 OCT162017
24 HOLY CORPSE RISING GN VOL 01 $12.99 ST. 9781626923591 AUG161865
25 ONE PUNCH MAN GN VOL 09 $9.99 VIZ 9781421586571 SEP162090

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