Hulu Lands Funimation First-Look Deal for Japanese Anime Series

In a December 4 exclusive, Variety reported that Hulu has entered into a first-look deal to distribute new titles licensed and produced by Funimation in 2019.

The deal will make Hulu and Funimation the co-exclusive destinations to certain new subtitled anime series day-and-date with their Japanese broadcast premieres, and their subsequent dubbed versions. Funimation’s FunimationNow streaming service will offer access to the same titles, and will continue to target anime devotees, while Hulu will seek to expand the audience.

Hulu and Funimation are currently the only platforms in the U.S. to stream all subtitled and dubbed episodes of several top anime shows, including Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and Tokyo Ghoul. Hulu VP of content acquisition Lisa Holme told Variety that Hulu plans to get “more than 20 seasons per year of new Japanese anime series simulcast, plus dubbed versions.”