Art and Family Come Together in New Collection from Udon Entertainment

Thomas Romain is a French animator and designer working in Japan who has worked on projects such as Macross Delta, Space Dandy, Bodacious Space Pirates, and many more. He is also the co-creator of the Western animated series Code Lyoko and the Supervising Director of Cannon Busters, and the original anime premiering on Netflix in March 2019. 

In Family Traits, Thomas Romain takes the character drawings of his two young sons and reinterprets them as beautiful illustrations. The project reached huge popularity when Romain began sharing the family's artwork on social media with over 300,000 people following it on Youtube, and over 165,000 on Instagram after only two years. Discover the boundless creativity of a family passionate about artwork, featuring dozens of original character designs, creative commentary from both father & sons, rough concepts, bonus illustrations, and more. 

Family Traits will be available February 28, 2019. See below for preview pages as well as videos from Romain's YouTube.