Screen to Print: Video Game Graphic Novels Bring Favorite Series to Literature

Aside from their interactive platform, video games are incredibly popular due to the expansive story told while playing through them. With video games capitalizing on graphic art to simulate their stories, bringing them to the comics format is the perfect way for these stories to be expanded upon. With publishers such as Dynamite Entertainment, Udon Entertainment and Titan Comics, beloved video games are getting their space in the literary world with these graphic novel adaptations.


Swordquest: Realworld
By Chad Bowers, Chris Sims and Ghostwriter X
Dynamite Entertainment • 9781524104887

In 1984, Peter Case was on his way to being crowned champion of SwordQuest, set to win the last of four contests and lay claim to a golden sword worth over $50,000! But when the game was discontinued, Peter found himself without a game to finish.

Now, over thirty years later, Peter's stuck in a different kind of game entirely -- the game of life, and he's losing fast. But when he learns that all the prizes meant for the SwordQuest contest of his youth are on display in the World Arcade Museum, he finds an unknown determination that sees him put together a team of like-minded losers for the ultimate heist job -- a real-life sword quest!


Dishonored 2
By Michael Moreci and Andrea Olimpieri
Titan Comics • 9781785852343

Written by acclaimed comic writer Michael Moreci (Roche Limit). Titan Comics introduces a brand new story taking place after the events of the second Dishonored game.

Follow the continuing adventures of Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin in this sequel to the highly anticipated upcoming game Dishonored 2 as they come up against brand new threats and foes.

Street Fighter Unlimited Volume 1: Path of the Warrior
By Ken Siu-Chong, Joe Ng, and Others
Udon Entertainment • 9781772940473

As the Secret Society’s tournament looms, the remnants of Shadaloo make their presence known! Ken faces the blood-raged bull, Balrog! Chun-li crosses paths with the deadly Vega! Ryu spars with the god of Muay Thai, Sagat! And meanwhile, Alex, Necro, Ibuki, Oro, and a whole new generation of fighters join the fray. It's the start of the ultimate World Warrior journey! 

Centipede Volume 1: Game Over
By Max Bemis and Eoin Marron
Dynamite Entertainment • 9781524105860

When a terrifying creature from beyond the stars attacks his planet, Dale's journey begins. But he is not out to save his world. It is already too late for that. As the lone survivor, the only thing he wants is revenge! Based on one of Atari's most beloved video games, writer Max Bemis (Worst X-Man Ever, Foolkiller) and artist Eoin Marron (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) bring you a tale of survival and vengeance like you've never seen before.

The Evil Within: The Interlude
By Ryan O'Sullivan, Szymon Kudranski and Damien Worm
Titan Comics • 9781785863295 

This new graphic novel bridges the gap between Bethesda’s critically-acclaimed survival-horror videogame The Evil Within and it’s sequel, The Evil Within 2

Still reeling from the horrific events that took place at Beacon Mental Hospital and the apparent death of his daughter, Detective Sebastian Castellanos is a man on the edge. Now a brand new case threatens to further test his sanity, as Sebastian finds himself thrown back into a world of nightmares and bloody violence!

Street Fighter Legends: Cammy
By Jim Zub and Omar Dogan
Udon Entertainment • 9781772940374

It's Cammy White, the stinging bee of Street Fighter, in her own action-packed adventure! Cammy now leads the all-new special ops team "Delta Blue", as they keep England and the world safe from destructive forces. Whether its art thieves, cyber assaults, or would-be world conquerors, Cammy and Delta Blue are ready to face the enemies of freedom and justice everywhere!

Wolfenstein Volume 1
By Dan Watters, Piotr Kowalski and Ronilson Freire
Titan Comics • 9781785863417

Prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, the highly anticipated new game from Bethesda comes Wolfenstein Volume 1. It’s 1960, the Nazis won the war, and a small band of outsiders fight to survive in occupied America. But the relative peace of their sanctuary is shattered by the arrival of Nazis on the hunt for some top-secret quarry. But they’re not the only new faces. A strange old lady has a tale to tell of the legendary Nazi hunter - B.J “Terror Billy” Blascowicz.

Dragon's Crown Volume 1
By Atlus and Yuztan
Udon Entertainment • 9781772940480

The Fighter, the Sorceress, the Elf, the Wizard, the Amazon, and the Dwarf. These six heroes have come together to quest for riches, for glory, and for the honor of the kingdom of Hydeland!(Though really, it's mostly for the riches...) Join an epic journey through catacombs, castles, and labyrinths, as the party seeks to retrieve the most legendary of all relics - the Dragon's Crown!