Enter To Win Graphic Novels for Your Library/School!

With consumers looking more towards graphic novels for literary value and entertainment, Diamond BookShelf wants to help you start off your 2018 with new graphic novels to add to your growing collection. 

We will be giving away ten graphic novel prize packs to our newsletter subscribers as a thank you for being advocates of the graphic novel in their community. For details on how to enter the raffle, see below.

Raffle Rules

Winners will be chosen from our newsletter subscribers, however, your subscription profile MUST BE filled out in order to be eligible for the prize pack. 

New subscribers can fill out this information by signing up for our newsletter here.

Current subscribers can ensure their eligibility by updating their subscriber details. To update your subscriber details, click the here and fill out our update settings form.

Subscription profiles are considered completed if the following fields are filled in: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Job Title - please include the keywords LibrarianTeacher, or Professor when filling out your job title if applicable

Choosing The Winners

BookShelf will be accepting profile updates and considering new subscribers until December 30, 2017. Winners will be chosen from all users who subscribed prior to the close date as well as current subscribers who used the above link to update their profile information.

So What Do We Win?!

BookShelf will be sending out ten graphic novel blind box prizes to ten lucky winners with five of the blind box prize packs being themed, including:

  • 1 Kids Graphic Novels Prize Pack
  • 2 Young Adult Graphic Novels Prize Pack
  • 1 History Buffs Prize Pack
  • 1 Collection Development Prize Pack
  • 2 Teacher/Librarian Specific Prize Packs
  • and 5 Graphic Novels Galore Prize Packs

Blind Box prizes cannot be chosen; however, based on the profile information you provide, winners will be paired with the most appropriate box. Each of the prize packs will include at least four graphic novels based on the theme. The Graphic Novels Galore blind box will include four graphic novels for varying age groups including: 1 kids, 1 young adult, 1 older teen, and 1 adult book.

Winners will be announced January 3, 2018. All prize packs will be accompanied by a copy of BookShelf Magazine #25.

If you have any questions, please email BookShelf's Editor Ashley Kronsberg at kashley@diamondcomics.com