I Kill Giants Film Releases New Clip Ahead of Premiere

Directed by Anders Walter and starring Madison Wolfe as story protagonist Barbara Thorson and Zoe Saldana as her school therapist, I Kill Giants has realeased a clip of the much anticipated film. Based on the graphic novel of the same name by comic creators Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura and published by Image Comics, the film tells the story of Barbara, a teenage girl who escapes the realitites of school and family life by retreating into her own magical world of titans and giants. With help from her friend Sophia (Sydney Wade) and the school therapist, Barbara learns how to battle the giants in her real life - bullies at school, her sister (Imogen Poots), and her difficult home life.

The clip shows Barbara and her friend Sohpia roaming through the forest as the former tries to reveal the giants to her friend. Uncomfortable and worried about getting in trouble, Sophia tries to convince Barbara there's no such thing as giants to which she replies, "then why are you sweating." To watch the full clip, see below.

I Kill Giants
 (9781607069850, $19.99) will make its world premiere on September 9 at the Toronto International Film Festival.