Google Cultural Institute Launches Latino Cultures Online Platform

National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 annually to recognize the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States and to celebrate Hispanic and Latino heritage and culture. In honor of this year's National Hispanic Heritage Month, Google Cultural Institute partnered with over 35 museums and institutes to put togthether an immersive storytelling, 360-degree virtual platform through their Arts & Culture program titled Latino Cultures

This platform brings togetehr more than 2,500 Latino cultural artifacts online in an ultra-high-resolution visual field trip and offers first-hand knowledge on the Latino experience in America. Latino Cultures is meant to help libraries continue to draw attention to the rich heritage of Latino cultures across America.

“Nationwide, libraries are celebrating Latino cultures by offering programs that highlight our music, cuisine, art, history, and leadership,” says ALA President-Elect Loida Garcia-Febo about the initiative. “I know this platform will be a great springboard as we continue to reshape our library collections to include Spanish-language and Latino-oriented materials.”

Google Cultural Institute aims to inspire Americans to learn more about the various cultures living in the United States, and as a complement to the Latino Cultures platform, the Google Cultural Institute will be reportedly creating lesson plans that support bringing content into classrooms, afterschool programs, and other organizational programming.

For more information on the new Lation Cultures platform, click here.