Diamond Reflects on the International Literacy Association Conference

The International Literacy Association (ILA) is a global advocacy and membership organization of more than 300,000 literacy educators, researchers, and experts across 84 countries. With more than 60 years of experience, ILA has set the standard for how literacy is defined, taught, and evaluated.

The 2017 ILA annual conference was held in Orlando this past July. Hosting a wide variety of workshops, panels, discussions, and signings, ILA was home to thousands of professionals over the July weekend seeking to learn new ways of providing literacy advances for their communities. Diamond Book Distributors was pleased to display in the exhibit hall during ILA via Publisher Spotlight. For a full list of titles displayed at the conference, see below.

Image Comics
9781632159410, $14.99
Camp Midnight
Image Comic
9781632155559, $16.99
Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction
Image Comics
9781632151018, $17.99
Oddly Normal Book 3 
Image Comics
9781632156921, $9.99
Pix: One Weirdest Weekend
Image Comics
9781534301405. $12.99
Tea Dragon Society
Oni Press
9781620104415, $17.99
T is for Tardis
Penguin Group (UK)
9781405929981, $9.99
Black History in Its Own Words
Image Comics
9781534301535, $16.99
Little Tails in the Forest
Magnetic Press
9781942367253, $14.99
Princeless Vol 1: Save Yourself
Action Lab Entertainment
9781939352545, $11.99
Grumpy Cat & Pokey
Dynamite Entertainment
9781524100049, $12.99
Another Castle: Grimoire
Oni Press
9781620103111, $15.99
Princess Princess Ever After
Oni Press
9781620103401, $12.99
Lucky Penny
Oni Press
9781620102879, $19.99
Doctor Who Companion's Companion
Penguin Group (UK)
9781405929691, $14.99
Love: The Lion
Magnetic Press
9781942367093, $17.99
Ocean of Secrets Vol 1
9781427857149, $10.99
Beauty & The Beast: Manga 2-in-1 Edition
9781427857170, $15.99