It's Bright Lights and Dark Crime in the World of Angel City

Introducing Angel City (9781620104262, $19.99), a hard-boiled 1930s noir starring Dolores Dare, previous Hollywood hopeful and current enforcer for the Volante mob. When her best friend turns up dead in a dumpster behind the Chinese Theater, Dolores starts her own investigation of the "April Fool's Killer." As she gets closer to the truth, Dolores will go up against the studios, the corrupt homicide division, and even her own gangland contacts - and uncover a scandal that shakes the very foundations of Tinseltown.

Angel City (9781620104262, $19.99) takes a fresh look at crime noir fiction with creators Janey Harvey (BATMAN, HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI), Nick Filardi (MADAME FRANKENSTEIN, CRY HAVOR), and Megan Levens (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, SPELL ON WHEELS). 

Angel City (9781620104262, $19.99) will be available August 29, 2016. For a preview of the graphic novel, see below.