Natasha Alterici Uses Nordic Fantasy to Create Beautiful Commentary on LGBTQ+ Oppression
and Subjugation of Women in HEATHEN

The new series Heathen (9781939424198, $15.99) from Vault Comics follows the journey of Aydis - a young women of the northern wilds who is force to flee her home after comitting the sin of kissing another woman. After being given a death sentence to be carried out by the hand of her father, Aydis is released by her father and is determined to resuce the beautiful Brynhild, a legendary Valkyrie banished to the top of a fiery mountain by god-king Odin to only be released by a mortal warrior brave enough to find her and marry her.

Written and drawn by Natasha Alterici, Heathen (9781939424198, $15.99) draws heavily on the oppresion of the LGBTQ+ community as well as the subjugation of women. Alterici blends her beautiful artwork with elegant story-telling and well-paced panels to create a relatable and impactful story.

“Growing up gay in a small town in Oklahoma, I can’t say I ever knew what ‘gay’ was until much later in life,” Alterici said in a statement. “I saw Ellen come out on her show, and I saw the adults around me debate the ethics of it. But it wasn’t until college that I realized I could have benefited from an open honest conversation. I could have learned to accept myself sooner if I had a community. The Dennis R. Neill Equality Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the only community centers in the state that aims to provide the acceptance and resources that LGBTQ people have a hard time finding in the region. Recently they were targeted in a drive-by shooting, and though no one was hurt, the message was clear. In spite of the attack, the workers and volunteers are bravely keeping the doors open and continuing their vital work in reaching out to those who need hope as well as to those who need educating.”

Heathen (9781939424198, $15.99) is set to release August 8, 2017 from Vault Comics. For a preview of the graphic novel, see below.