Celebrate Shark Week with Comics

Shark Week is an annual wee-long TV programming block from Discovery Channel that features shark-related content. Originally premiering in 1988, it was originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks. The series has become the longest-running cable television programming event in history and broadcasts in over 72 countries. This year, celebrate shark week with graphic novels!

Discovery Channel's Megalodon & Prehistoric Sharks 978-1-937068-38-7 $9.99

Enjoy this graphic novel's unique blast from the past as the ancestors of today's shark are brought to life again. See what types of shark used to inhabit the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and just how they survived in such a dangerous place. Find out what types of prehistoric creatures they hunted, and which ones hunted them!

Discovery Channel's Great White Sharks 978-1-937068-39-4 $9.99

This graphic novel takes a deep, in-depth look at a Great White, detailing its lifecycle, its features, and just how ferocious it is. Chronicling the Great White's growth and eating habits will help better explain how the species has survived for so long. See this monster of the ocean in a whole new way!

Discovery Channels Top 10 Deadliest Sharks 978-1-937068-90-5 $9.99

Sharks are one of the world's oldest and most ferocious predators. For as long as man has entered the sea, for work or recreation, sharks have struck fear in their hearts. This groundbreaking graphic novel examines the world's deadliest sharks and sheds light on their true nature, refuting the notion that they are mindless killing machines, but, in reality, are among the most amazing and well-adapted creatures on earth.