Science, Candy, and Awesome Adventures Await the Not So Secret Society

Five young friends invent a candy-making machine for their school’s annual science fair, but when their candy creation comes to life and escapes, they’ll have to work together to find a solution before it destroys the entire city! KaBOOM! Studios has partnered with creators that have a passion for telling stories that are appealing to middle grade readers while still providing the substance desired by parents and educators. 

In order to better support parents and educators in providing quality titles for their young readers, The Not So Secret Society (978-1608869978, $9.99) also provides lesson plans, activities, and other resources to foster a love of reading for young people as well as encourage them to embrace differences, be willing to explore and learn, respect adults, and more! The activities created are intentionally made for parents to enjoy with their children.

Along with the resources provided to parents, the creative team behind The Not So Secret Society will also be releasing materials for teachers at all levels of education, including esson plans, activities, and assessments. The creators behind the upcoming series are not only parents but educators themselves, and they are working with current educators to develop these supplemental materials, assuring that they are relevant and aligned to current standards. 

For more information about the story behind The Not So Secret Society along with access to the provided tools are resources, click here. For a preview of the graphic novel, see below.