A Graphic Novel on Labor History Highlights Importance of Youth Activism

Leslie Tolf leads the non-profit benefits organization, Union Plus, and has spent the last 20 years fighting for working women and men. Through her years of supporting the working class, activist art has always been her passion. She has recently brought her passions back into her professional life by focusing on education and activism through graphic novels. Her first project is titled When the Rules Aren't Right: 7 Time Travel Tales of Activism and is set to release in November 2017.

Tolf's graphic novel tells the story of Emma, a typical fed-up teen, tired of parents who talk about work and money, a self-obsessed older sister, and brother who's moving back home because he's drowning in student debt. One night, her Nana visits her in a magical time machine made of kitchen appliances to show her people with real problems... and real solutions. When the Rules Aren't Right is a graphic novel focused on highlighting the struggle of wrokers and the history of the labor industry. 

Tolf's wanted to publish a graphic novel about the industry she has fought for and cared about for the last two decades, but emphasizes that she explains that she wanted underline "how to become an activist when you’re a teenager." To reach her target audience, Tolf is working with educators to make sure they have access to this book as well as lesson plans through AFT's free Share My lesson website.