Diamond Becomes Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Rabbit Publishers

Diamond Distribution and Rabbit Publishers of Chicago, IL have entered into a worldwide distribution agreement. Rabbit publishes two of the highest quality middle grade series, The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon and The Enchanted World of Honey Moon

Available as The Harry Moon Book Club since 2015 and directly marketed to parents and grandparents, Harry Moon's co-creators Mark Andrew Poe, Thom Black and former President of Motion Picture Production, Walt Disney Studios, David Kirkpatrick, responded to the requests of consumers and retailers to make their offerings available to the trade. “There is nothing more important we can do than to introduce our children to the worlds of good and evil and encourage them that good can find its way,” says Kirkpatrick.

The Harry Moon and Honey Moon series take place in fictional Sleepy Hollow, MA, where every day is Halloween night. Eighth grader Harry battles to free the town from the curse of the evil mayor and his cohorts. Thirty-six books are slated for the The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon series and twenty-four for The Enchanted World of Honey Moon.  Honey is Harry’s ten-year-old sister who has her own set of friends and adventures. The three creators exploit Harry and Honey’s DNA of respect, friendship, loving enemies, seeking wisdom, loving one’s mom and pursuing good throughout the series.

Rabbit also publishes a line of Harry Moon graphic novels. The graphic novel, Snowman, will be available for Christmas, 2017.  Kligore, the story of the town’s villian, will be released for summer, 2018. 

Rabbit Publishers will continue it’s faith-based distribution arrangement with Anchor Distribution in Kensington, PA.

“We are delighted to be able to broaden the reach of the series with such a celebrated distributor as Diamond,” says creator Thom Black.  

The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon: Not Your Birthday
978-1943785483, 14.99

Snowman: Harry Moon Spooky Town Graphic Novel
978-1943785148, $24.99

The Enchanted World of Honey Moon: Double Trouble 
978-1943785223, $14.99 

ABOUT RABBIT PUBLISHERS  -  Rabbit Publishers is the creator of the acclaimed The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon children’s series. Rabbit encourages the intellectual and personal growth of its readers and is committed to the ideal of the wholesome child. Rabbit’s Harry Moon franchise champions reading programs for victims of trauma, as well as  dyslexic and sick children. Advancing the literacy skills of young readers, Rabbit's American Library Initiative is giving one million Harry Moon books to school libraries around the United States. Rabbit maintains a  shared reading program for military families. The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon and its companion series, The Enchanted World of Honey Moon are available in bookstores,  libraries, retailers and online. All books are written, designed, and printed in America. To learn more, visit Rabbit Publishers on the web at www.harrymoon.com