European Public Library Launches Graphic Novel Courses

While comic books are often seen as being first popularized by the United States, the format is an overwhelming success around the world. Recognizing the effects of the genre on readers in the community, the Central Public Library of Malta and the Graphic Novels Library Malta are responding to the requests of their patrons by putting together two comics-related courses: Creating Comics and Understanding Comics.

According to Times of Malta, the Creating Comics course is intended for asipriing artists and authors who are "interested in the work involved in creating a graphic novel." The course will be taught by local comic creator, Peter Magro. Students interested in this course will receive a free copy of iDraw Comics and iDraw Manga to be used as a guide to practice while creating their comics.

Conversely, the Understand Comics class will focus on analyzing the genre in detail, dissecting the comic book medium, and exploring the different styles through the format's evolution. The course will be taught by professor and comic creator Dean Fenech. A free copy of Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud will be given to all participants and will be used as a textual reference for the class. 

As reported by the Times of Malta, the courses will begin in March and be held at the Central Public Library in Floriana eevery Saturday from 10 AM - 12 PM. The courses are 14 weeks long each, and after completion, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance.