If Spider-man Were A Disney Princess...

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Gregg Schigiel

Artist: Gregg Schigiel

Publication Date: 02/28/2017

SRP: $12.99

ISBN: 978-1534301405

NOW FROM IMAGE COMICS! Make way for Pix, the teen superhero who believes herself a fairy (and princess, no less). In her first original graphic novel behold: attacking electronics - secret crushes – a magic 8-ball monster – cell service issues – a dragon war – a bad date – worried moms – a furtive frog and a malevolent monkey, all making for ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND! Thrilling, energetic superhero action! Lively, funny teen dynamics! If Spider-Man were a Disney princess, you'd have PIX!


"A fabulously fun read in a classic comics style." -- Jimmy Gownley, creator of AMELIA RULES! and THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER 
"People say there are no superheroes for girls. What they really want is a famous girl superhero. Give Pix fifty years to establish herself and then jump on the bandwagon... or be one of the cool people who reads it now." -- Chris Giarrusso, creator of G-MAN 
"I loved it! I love that [Pix] has friends and life stuff to deal with on top of the crazy things that happen! Dialogue seems real... loving the artwork." -- Franco Aureliani, writer/artist of AWYEAH! COMICS, TINY TITANS
"A plucky girl superhero, and evil monster 8-ball, a bear-fighting talking monkey -- PIX is the best kind of crazy fun." -- Jerzy Drozd, co-host of the KIDS' COMICS REVOLUTION podcast and Kids Read Comics festival co-founder