February Titles for Mature Readers (16+)

Diamond Book Distributors and BookShelf present a list of upcoming titles for Kids. All titles below are listed in the February Sales Kit.

February's Featured Title

Oh Joy, Sex Toy! The Coloring Book
Publisher: Oni Press

(W) Erika Moen, Matthew Nola
(A) Erika Moen

Every week Erika Moen draws a pornucopia of fun, naughty pairings for the critically-acclaimed sex education comic Oh Joy Sex Toy. Now YOU can join in the sexy fun by adding your own color choices in Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Coloring Book! An alluring collection of NSFW illustrations, featuring a wide variety of sexy humans, awaits you! Whether you want to color for relaxation, saucy enjoyment, or to make a unique work of art for a special someone, this book is sure to please.

This approachable and sex-positive title gathers nearly 60 delightfully dirty and informative drawings for you to dive into. We guarantee that if you break out the crayons, watercolors—maybe even grab a friend and some body paint—you’ll have a blast and learn a sexy thing or two while you’re at it.

Release Date: 02/21/2017

Softcover, 9 x 9 inches, 120 pages, Black and White, Ages 18+
978-1-62010-376-0, $11.99 

02/01/2017 Weird Love Hardcover, Jailbird Roman IDW Publishing TBD $29.99
02/07/2017 Xena: Warrior Princess Omnibus
Volume 1
Dynamite Entertainment 978-1-5241-0251-7 $24.99
2/14/2017 Blood Queen Omnibus Dynamite Entertainment 9781524102425  $29.99
2/14/2017 Chester 5000-XYV, Book 2 Top Shelf Productions 978-1-936561-69-8 $14.95
02/14/2017 Nameless Image Comics 978-1-5343-0093-4 $14.99
02/14/2017 Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy's Mask Adventure Deck 4: Secrets of the Sphinx Paizo  978-1-60125-917-2 $19.99
02/14/2017 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Strange Aeons Poster Map Folio Paizo   978-1-60125-918-9 $19.99
02/14/2017 Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Elemental Planes Multi-Pack Paizo  978-1-60125-921-9 $24.99
02/14/2017 You Might Be An Artist If... Top Shelf Productions 978-1-62010-377-7 $19.99
2/15/2017 Rick and Morty Volume 4 Oni Press 9781632291721 $9.99
2/21/2017 Art of Path of Exile Dynamite Entertainment 978-1-5241-0264-7 $24.99
2/21/2017 Aspen Universe: Revelations Volume 1 Aspen MLT 978-1-941511-25-1 $12.99
02/21/2017 Battlestar Galactica Classic Omnibus
Volume 1
Dynamite Entertainment 978-1-5241-0127-5 $29.99
02/21/2017 Brickleberry Volume 1: Armoogeddon Dynamite Entertainment 978-1-5241-0256-2 $15.99
02/21/2017 Oh Joy Sex Toy: The Coloring Book Oni Press 978-1-62010-376-0 $11.99
02/21/2017 Popbot IDW Publishing 9781631408250  $75.00
02/21/2017 Sex Volume 5 Image Comics 9781632159045  $14.99
2/22/2017 Rick and Morty Lil' Poopy Superstar Oni Press 978-1-62010-374-6 $9.99
2/22/2017 Swords Against Darkness Prime Books 978-1-60701-485-0 $19.95
2/28/2017 Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta Volume 4 Image Comics 978-1-5343-0050-7 $14.99 
2/28/2017 Velvet Deluxe Hardcover Image Comics 978-1-63215-915-1 $49.99
2/28/2017 The Hunt Image Comics 9781534300620  $14.99