Soviet Daughter Brings Great-Grandmother's Diary to Graphic Novels

Julia Alekseyeva's great-grandmother - Lola - lived long enough to see the birth, and eventual collapse, of the USSR before moving to Chicago from Kiev. During this time, Lola began documenting the stories of her life as a Jew in the Soviet Union, filling her diary with vivid details of this time period emphasized by her strong independent spirit. After her death, Julia discovered her great-grandmother's diary, and has now collected those memories in her debut graphic novel, Soviet Daughter.

In an interview with NPR, Alekeseyeva recollects her memories of her great-grandmother's diary saying: "My family emigrated from what had just become Ukraine in 1992, and she slowly started writing certain things in a notebook and sort of keeping them hidden from everyone. And to a couple of people she had said, 'Oh, I'm writing memoirs,' but no one really took it seriously."

Full of both heartbreaking and funny stories, this Soviet Daughter unites two generations of women against the sweeping backdrop of the rise and fall of the USSR. Soviet Daughter was published by Microcosom Publishing on January 10th, 2017. For more information on how Microcosom Publishing works with libraries and educators, click here,