Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Comics

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of our northern neighbors! American culture is a melting pot of diversity, including influences by Canadian creators. This year, celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary with Canadian comic creators!

Fiona Staples

Saga Book 2 
Image Comics 
978-1632159038, $49.99 

Fiona Staples is a Canadian comic book artist known for her work on books such as Saga and Archie. She is one of the best artists working in the comics industry today, and has won several Eisner and Harvey awards between 2013-2015. 

Saga Book 2 | Collecting 18 issues of the smash-hit comic, this massive edition features a striking original cover from Fiona Staples, as well as a brand-new gallery of exclusive, never-before-seen SAGA artwork from legendary creators including Cliff Chiang, Pia Guerra, Faith Erin Hicks, Karl Kerschl, Jason Latour, Sean Gordon Murphy, Steve Skroce, and more! Collects SAGA #19-36 and scheduled to release 05/02/2017.

Jeff Lemire

Image Comics
978-1632156013, $16.99 

Jeff Lemire is a Canadian cartoonist and author, penning or illustrating titles such as Essex County Trilogy, Bloodshot Reborn, Plutona and more. Lemire is known for his humanistic stories and sketchy cinematic black and white art. Most recently, several titles Lemire has worked on were listed in the YALSA 2017 Great Graphic Novels list for teens.

Plutona | Five kids discover the body of the world's greatest super hero, Plutona, in the woods after school one day. This discovery sends them on a dark journey that will threaten to tear apart their friendship and their lives. 

Faith Erin Hicks

Zombie Calling
SLG Publishing
978-1593620790, $9.95 

Faith Erin Hicks is a Canadian writer and artist. Before working on comics full time, she worked in the animation industry while comic creation was just a hobby she did in college. She has published several titles since her career change including Zombies Calling, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, and her recent literary acclaimed work The Nameless City: Book 1.

Zombie Calling | Joss' life sucks. She's in the middle of university exams and up to her neck in student loans. When she's attacked by zombies, her roommates have the nerve to think she's making it up. But when the zombies turn out to be terrifyingly real, only Joss knows how to survive the undead invasion: by following the Rules of Zombie Movies.

Bryan Lee O'Malley

Snotgirl Volume 1: Green Hair Don't Care
Image Comics
978-1534300361, $9.99 

Bryan Lee O'Malley is a Canadian cartoonist best known for his title Scott Pilgrim. Prior to having his own titles published, O'Malley was an illustrator of Oni Press' mini-series Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero. O'Malley is currently working on a new Scott-Pilgrim-esque series named Snotgirl following the life of a fashion blogging millenial with major allergies.

Snotgirl Volume 1 WHO IS LOTTIE PERSON? Is she a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a perfect life or a gross, allergy-ridden mess? Enter a world of snot, blood, and tears in this first collection from New York Times Best Seller Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Seconds) and dazzling newcomer Leslie Hung! Collects SNOTGIRL #1-5.

Todd McFarlane

Spawn: Origins Collection Book 10
Image Comics
978-1632159069, $39.99

Todd McFarlane is a canadian artist, writer, designer and entrepreneur best known for his work on the fantasy series Spawn. McFarlane began his comic book career working for the Spider-man franchise at Marvel, and in 1992 he formed the publisher Image Comics along with other comic creators.

Spawn: Origina Collection Book 10 | Collects issues 113-123 in an oversized HC format with bonus material. Contains the stories and artwork that helped cement the Space legacy. Feature hyper-detailed art by Angel Medina (The Incredible Hulk, Sensational Spider-Man), and stories by legendary Spawn scribe Brian Holguin with Todd McFarlane. Expect old favorite and new villains to collide in this exciting hardcover collection with unique Spawn vs Villain wraparound digitally painted cover art by Clayton Crain.