Black History in its Own Words Ready for Black History Month

Coming just in time for Black History Month, Image Comics has announced the release of BLACK HISTORY IN ITS OWN WORDS (9781534301535, $16.99) by Ronald Wimberly to hit storefronts February 2017. An artist for The Nib and creator of Prince of Cats, Wimberly was given the task to create some illustrations portraying iconic quotes for Black History Month in 2014. Since then, Wimberly has created 38 of these types of illustrations directly from popular luminaries both past and present. All 38 of these works are collected in BLACK HISTORY IN ITS OWN WORDS as a tribute to the vastly underrepresented community of black people in America.

Wimberly’s musings stem not just from the mainstream voices of black history leaders, but also pulls from people with a “punk spirit and existential bravery,” giving further depth to the kind of representation Wimberly sought out when he first took on this project. BLACK HISTORY IN ITS OWN WORDS aims to give light to a community whose voices are often stifled, demanding this unique history to not fall upon deaf ears.


Release Date: February 14, 2017
(9781534301535, $16.99)