Kick-Ass 3

Kick-Ass 3Kick-Ass 3
Written by: Mark Millar
Illustrated by: John Romita, Jr.
Published by: Marvel Comics
Format: HC, 232 pages, Full Color, $29.99
ISBN: 978-0-78518-488-1

The grand finale of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s blockbuster. With Hit-Girl in jail, it falls to Kick-Ass to lead the super-hero team Justice Forever. But super heroes have been outlawed, leaving Kick-Ass and to dodge both cops and some terrifying new foes! For the first time, Kick-Ass begins to doubt. Is he in too deep to get out? Meanwhile, Hit-Girl starts running all the gangs in the joint, and a broken Red Mist gets an education from a terrifying crime boss. Soon every costumed superhero is not only running from the law...they're running for their lives. As the bodycount rises, Kick-Ass must decide if bringing justice to the city is truly worth the ultimate price. Plus: The flashback you've all been waiting for - the secret origin of Hit-Girl! How does little Mindy McCready earn her assassin stripes?

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