Howard the Duck Volume 0: What the Duck

Howard the Duck Vol. 0: What the Duck

Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Illustrated by: Joe Quinones
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: Softcover, 112 pages, Full Color, $16.99
ISBN: 978-0-78519-772-0

Hot off the pages of the...well, the post-credits scene at the end of a popular movie...Howard the Duck is back! Join the foul-mouthed fowl, trapped in a world he never made (but has grown accustomed to) as he takes on weird cases that only a talking duck can crack - as the Marvel Universe's resident private investigator! Howard's first case begins with the Black Cat but soon goes cosmic, landing him in the Collector's clutches! But he's not alone - Rocket Raccoon is a prisoner, as well! Can these two anthropomorphic animals turn the tables and break free? Well, yeah. Plus: Howard investigates a a senior citizens crime spree, teams up with Doctor Strange for some magical antics and learns a lot about new friend Tara Tam, because communication is key.