Recommended Titles for Young Adults (Age 13+)

Written by: 
Adam Glass and Michael Benson
Illustrated by:
 Harwinder Singh
Publisher: Oni Press
Format: Softcover, 6 x 10, 144 pages, Full Color, $19.99
ISBN: 9781620103920
Release Date: 06/21/2017

When Drew, a 12-year-old Jewish boy from Yonkers, loses his beloved grandfather to anti-semitic gang violence, he turns to tradition, anger, and Kabbalah to serve vengeance. Conjuring a supernatural defender to protect his city brings Drew unimaginable power—power he may not be able to control. 

Faith Volume 3: Superstar
Written by: 
Jody Houser and Louise Simonson
Illustrated by:
 Meghan Hetrick, Pere Perez, and Colleen Doran
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Format: Softcover, 6 x 10, 128 pages, Full Color, $14.99
ISBN: 9781682151990
Release Date: 06/13/2017

As Los Angeles’ high-flying protector, Faith has inspired the dreams of an entire metropolis… Now get ready to meet its worst nightmare! When an escaped psiot prisoner starts tearing through the streets, Faith must stop her fiery rampage before all hell breaks loose! But this isn’t just any ordinary threat… Not only can this empowered escapee drain the energy of everything in sight, she’s one of L.A.’s most controversial pop stars to boot!

Faith Volume 4: The Faithless
Written by: 
Jody Houser
Illustrated by:
 Joe Eisma and Kate Niemczyk
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Format: Softcover, 6 x 10, 112 pages, Full Color, $14.99
ISBN: 978-1-68215-219-5
Release Date: 08/22/2017

The villains are coming! Faith’s most fearsome foes and ruthless rogues—including Chris Chriswell, Murder Mouse, Dark Star, and Sydney—have finally united, creating an unstoppable coalition of evil with one goal in mind: Destroy Faith Herbert! Together, they are The Faithless…and if Los Angeles’ greatest hero doesn’t think fast and fly even faster, they’re going to ground the sky-soaring psiot for good!

Monstress Volume 2: The Blood
Written by: 
Marjorie Liu
Illustrated by:
 Sana Takeda
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Softcover, 6 x 10, 152 pages, Full Color, $16.99
ISBN: 9781534300415
Release Date: 07/11/2017

The Eisner-nominated MONSTRESS is back! Maika, Kippa, and Ren journey to Thyria in search of answers to her past... and discover a new, terrible, threat. Collects MONSTRESS #7-12

Paper Girls Volume 3
Written by:
 Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrated by: Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Softcover, 128 pages, Full Color, $12.99
ISBN: 9781534302235
Release Date: 08/08/2017

The multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-winning series from BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and CLIFF CHIANG continues, as newspaper deliverers Erin, Mac and Tiffany finally reunite with their long-lost friend KJ in an unexpected new era, where the girls must uncover the secret origins of time travel... or risk never returning home to 1988. 

Persona 3 Volume 6
Written by: 
Illustrated by: Shuji Sogabe
Udon Entertainment
Softcover, 5 x 8, 162 pages, Full Color, $13.99
Release Date: 

This next thrilling volume of the Persona 3 manga series is all about revelations as the intrepid members of S.E.E.S. visit the Kirijou family cottage and learn some surprising truths from Mitsuru’s father about the events surrounding Tartarus, the Dark Hour, and their own continuing battle against the encroaching Shadows. The weight of these truths proves especially heavy for Yukari and Mitsuru, but if they can bear this burden, their shared struggle may give rise to new power…

Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama: The Heir Apparent
Written by: Adam Lance Garcia
Illustrated by:
 Mike Flyes
Publisher: Moonstone
Format: Softcover, 6 x 9, 122 pages, Black & White, $10.99
ISBN: 9781944017101
Release Date: 07/11/2017 

After decades in retirement, a wave of kidnappings from London's immigrant quarters brings Sherlock Holmes back to Baker Street. With a Tibetan symbol as the only clue, Holmes is joined by Jethro Dumont, an American recently returned from a decade in Tibet. But Holmes quickly discovers that the villain they are chasing has ties to both their pasts, and Dumont's future...

Space Battle Lunchtime Volume 2: A Recipe for Disaster
Written by: Natalie Riess
Illustrated by:
 Natalie Riess
Publisher: Oni Press
Format: Softcover, 6 x 9, 120 pages, Full Color, $12.99
ISBN: 9781620104040
Release Date: 06/21/2017 

It's almost time for the season finale of Space Battle Lunchtime, and finalist Peony (the only Earth contestant) is nowhere to be found! That's because she's been kidnapped and taken to the set of Space Battle Lunchtime's biggest rival, Cannibal Coliseum, where chefs compete to cook... each other. Up against some of the most dangerous aliens in the galaxy, will Peony even make it to the end of the show? Stay tuned! 

Street Fighter Unlimited Volune 1: Path of the Warrior
Written by:
Illustrated by:
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Format: Softcover, 6 x 10, 160 pages, Full Color, $19.99
ISBN: 9781772940473
Release Date: 09/26/2017

As the Secret Society’s tournament looms, the remnants of Shadaloo make their presence known! Ken faces the blood-raged bull, Balrog! Chun-li crosses paths with the deadly Vega! Ryu spars with the god of Muay Thai, Sagat! And meanwhile, Alex, Necro, Ibuki, Oro, and a whole new generation of fighters join the fray. It's the start of the ultimate World Warrior journey! Collects Street Fighter Unlimited #1-6. 

The Ocean of Secrets Volume 2 Manga
Written by: 
Illustrated by: Sophie-chan
Publisher: Tokyopop
Format: Softcover, 5 x 7, 176 pages, Black & White, $24.99
ISBN: 9781427857224
Release Date: 10/10/2017

Lia, a 17-year old orphan living by the Atlantic is swept away by the ocean currents during a ruthless storm. She is then saved by Moria and Albert, a duo of illegal runaways on their magical ship! Her normal, mundane life suddenly becomes a supernatural adventure as she learns about the powers of their kind and their relations to the human world. But Lia soon discovers that there is a dark secret hidden in a mysterious kingdom. Join Lia as she unlocks the truth behind an Ocean of Secrets! The journey continues in Volume 2.