Comic Book Tattoo: Narrative Art Inspired by the Music of Tori Amos

by various

Publisher: Image Comics

Format: sSoftcover, full color, $29.99

ISBN: 978-1-58240-964-1

Reviewed by: Library Journal

The quicksilver elusiveness of Tori Amos's work takes more tangible form in this massive, sumptuous collection of 51 stories from over 80 creators. While her semantic-collage lyrics play at the edge of rationality with themes of love and loss, these creators have played, in turn, with the lyrics, spinning off fantasies of their own, sometimes adhering to the emotional atmosphere and plotlines of the song, sometimes not. In "I Can't See New York," the shade of a girl who loved too much comes down to reach for the man she has lost, a similar feel as the song. But not so with "God," which stars a fatuous office drone instead of a whimsical flirt offering to help the Almighty clean up his act. Some plots work less well than others, seeming to stop rather than end. Others simply mystify, while the best offer an epiphany or resolution—not necessarily happy. The wonderfully diverse art ranges from decent to spectacular. "Heard melodies are sweet," wrote Keats, "but those unheard are sweeter": these creators evoke their own music, perhaps not sweeter here but certainly compelling. Amos fans will fight to check this out and hotly debate their favorites, and comics-only fans will be intrigued. With occasional sexual situations and strong language; recommended for academic libraries and adult collections in public libraries. - Martha Cornog