The Couriers

Written by Brian Wood, Drawn by Rob G.

Publisher: AiT/PlanetLar

Format: 88pg, softcover, black & white, $12.95 (order with code STAR17974)

Category: Adult Action/Adventure

Dewey: 741.5 WOO or FIC WOO

Subjects: Comics and comic books, etc.; Action and adventure; Drama-fiction

ISBN-13: 9781932051063

Reviewed by: Kat Kan

Moustafa and Special work as urban mercenary couriers in New York. They handle tough assignments beyond those most bicycle messengers would have and always go armed with weapons. They’re a tough breed of young people, willing to do almost anything to earn (mostly honest) bucks. They’re not afraid to take on bad guys like the Russian mafia, and they will kill when they have to. Then they’re asked to take care of a package they don’t like to deal with – a human life. But the little Tibetan girl they’re supposed to pick up at the JFK airport needs someone to help her, for a powerful Chinese general wants her dead. They’re just supposed to pick her up and take her to family, but the general’s people shoot up the airport, and the two couriers decide to protect her and to find out why the general wants her dead. The fact that the girl can’t speak doesn’t help. Now they have to fight crack Red Army commandos, in the middle of New York City, and their only allies are their fellow couriers.

The Couriers reminds me of a John Woo film, with wildly choreographed violence that repulses and attracts at the same time. The street justice the young couriers mete out is creative and poetic in its violence. Moustafa and Special also appeared in Couscous Express, in which they took on the Turkish Scooter Mafia. This is high-octane action and violence, with lots of bullets and blood flying everywhere, so it’s definitely not a title for young teens. But any public library which has such action movies available for loan can carry this. Action fans will like The Couriers.