Tor: A Prehistoric Odyssey

by Joe Kubert

Publisher: DC Comics

Format: Hardcover, full color, $24.99

ISBN: 978-1-4012-2148-5

Reviewed by: School Library Journal

Gr 8 Up—Tor, a caveman, is beaten and exiled from his village. Having no place to go and no supplies, he begins to wander. Soon he hears cries; when he follows them, he happens upon a small apelike boy who is tied to a rock. When he sees a crocodilelike creature coming for the child, he battles the monster and saves the boy. Tor and the boy are then set upon by a village of apelike creatures who explain through drawings that the child was a sacrifice to keep other monsters away. Tor is pitted in a fight against this "monster," only to find that he is simply an outcast because of his appearance. Tor then finds a mate, a bare-breasted woman who is also an outcast. In the remaining chapters, he battles prehistoric creatures to protect himself, the child he saved, and his mate, all the while learning that he is not alone in being misunderstood. A foreword by comic writer Roy Thomas tells the history of Tor. The artwork takes its inspiration from the pulp comics of its time. While the illustrations are often rough, this technique seems only to add to the tone and feel of the story.—Valerie Davis, Campbell County Public Library, Newport, KY