Green Lantern: the Sinestro Corps War Volume 2

by Geoff Johns and others

Publisher: DC Comics

Format: Hardcover, full color, $24.99

ISBN: 978-1-4012-1800-3

Reviewed by: Library Journal

Hal Jordan, the first human to receive a green power ring from the ancient Guardians of the Universe, has broken free of the evil parasite Parallax and returned to duty as an interstellar protector of peace. But to challenge the renewed, 7200-strong Green Lantern Corps, the tyrannical renegade Green Lantern Sinestro has formed his own force, allying himself with some of DC's deadliest menaces (including the Cyborg Superman and the insane Superboy-Prime) and distributing yellow, fear-based power rings to villains across space. The all-out war between them reaches its climax here, as the Green Lanterns desperately fight to defend Sinestro's ultimate target: Earth, crux of the multiverse. This series' bold, fresh reinvention of an established mythos combines respect for the past with sweeping changes and has a wealth of appealing features for contemporary superhero fans, including exciting, cosmos-spanning widescreen action, iconic scenes, rousing sentiment, and high-quality artwork. With a huge cast to follow (including three other human Green Lanterns besides Hal), events are generally fast-paced and buck the trend of decompressed storytelling. Violence is surprisingly bloody without much actual gore. Recommended for all DC fans midteen and up. —Steve Raiteri