by Paul Sizer

Publisher: Cafe Digital

Format: Softcover, 8x11, full color, $15.99

ISBN: 978-0-9768565-6-6

Reviewed by: Publishers Weekly

Roxy is a club kid and aspiring DJ in New York City. Loud, opinionated and a little scattered, she's the kind of girl who keeps her life—including calendar—on her iPod. When Robie, a "semi-legend" who now runs a used-record store, offers to take her under his wing, she gets the chance to play the big clubs and maybe even to cut a record. But to make her dreams of DJ stardom come true, she must choose between the records and her girlfriend Hannah. The "Portrait of the Artist as a Club Kid" plot is standard issue, but Sizer (Moped Army; Little White Mouse) adds distinctive, nicely observed details. He ramps up the art as well: bold ink lines, day-glo background colors, even neon-bordered speech balloons add to the impression that the reader is raving right along with the characters. A soundtrack—referencing songs by Talking Heads, They Might Be Giants and Everything but the Girl—runs at the bottom of each page, bringing the reader as close as possible to a multimedia experience. Call it a mashup, call it a remix, call it a day-glo pop love letter to a misspent youth: B.P.M. is brain candy in the best sense of the word.