Jack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts

by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Format: Softcover, full color, $14.99

ISBN: 978-1-40121-455-5

Reviewed by: School Library Journal


This volume collects issues 6-11 of the ongoing "Jack of Fables" series. As in the parent series, "Fables," this universe contains a mix of realistic characters and legendary and/or fictional characters...at least, it does for now. Mr. Revise seeks to free the world of magic by hunting down "Fables" and draining their power. Jack is the biggest prize because he has had so many incarnations from the killer of giants to the guy with the beanstalk. In this volume, Jack has just escaped from Mr. Revise's prison, the Golden Boughs, and is on the run with Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Alice (yes, the one from Wonderland). To pass the time, he tells his companions about his long-ago love affair with Lumi, the Snow Queen, which led to his ill-fated stint as Jack Frost. Next, Jack heads to Las Vegas, marries a beautiful heiress, and tangles with Lady Luck, "a crazy fable broad" who stays lucky by eating the brains of successful gamblers. And all the while, Mr. Revise and his three sexy librarian assistants are watching Jack very closely. This entertaining rollercoaster of a story is illustrated with comic-book frames that vividly depict the characters and the action. The colors are eye-catching and bright, and pop out of the pages. This book has strong language and sex, making it most appropriate for older teens.

Andrea Lipinski, New York Public Library