Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 2

By Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, and Bill Crabtree

Publisher: Image Comics

Format: Hardcover, full color, $34.99

Dewey: 741.5 KIR or FIC KIR

Subjects: Comics and comic books, etc.

ISBN: 978-1-58240-594-0

Reviewed by: Library Journal

At age 17, Mark Grayson began developing the same powers as his superhero father, Omni-Man, so he took the name Invincible and started stopping bad guys himself. All was going well - until Mark's father revealed himself to be an advance scout from the planet Viltrum, here to analyze and weaken the Earth for eventual conquest. After an emotional confrontation with Mark, Omni-Man left Earth. In this second oversized hardcover collection (compiling Vols. 4 and 5 of the paperback edition), Mark reveals his secret identity to his girlfriend; his mom, terribly hurt by her husband's betrayal, turns to alcohol; and one-eyed Allen the Alien reports events on Earth to the Coalition of Planets, giving them hope in their struggle against the Viltrumites. This excellent series has the bright colors of classic superhero comics; the superteam dynamics and multiple overlapping subplots of the 1980s X-Men and New Teen Titans; and an overarching sense of humor and fun, enhanced by art that's cartoonier than what's found in the usual superhero book. The stories are leisurely paced, compelling, and inventive. With blood and gore in some fight scenes, this ongoing series is heartily recommended for superhero fans mid-teen and up.

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