Strum and Drang: Great Moments in Rock & Roll

By Joel Orff

Publisher: Alternative Comics

Format: Softcover, black & white, $6.95

Dewey: 741.5 ORF or FIC ORF

Subjects: Comics and comic books, etc.

ISBN: 1-891867-27-X

Reviewed by: Library Journal

With a title like that, readers may be expecting anecdotes about Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, et al., but what's here is something much more unusual. These one-page, black-and-white strips, drawn in a rough, cartoony style, present true stories  collected by Orff, primarily of everyday music fans looking back  on their younger days. There are plenty of strips about going to concerts and playing in noisy amateur bands (and one about dancing to "Stairway to Heaven"-they did get Zep in there after all). But to Orff rock'n'roll is not just a type of music; it's a way of approaching life artistically-sometimes wild and uninhibited, sometimes wasted, sometimes just unpredictable and humorous, but never boring. So not only are Chuck Berry, the Bangles, and Metallica rock'n'roll, but so is a shy girl  practicing yelling while home alone or actor Tom Baker as his character Doctor Who visiting a sick fan in the hospital. It's a sweet premise and a charming book. A blurb on the back compares Orff's work to that of Lynda Barry (One Hundred Demons), and that's right on the money. Recommended for all collections, for teens and adults.

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