Johnny Boo: Twinkle Power

by James Kochalka

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Format: Hardcover, 6x9, full color, $9.95

ISBN: 978-1-60309-015-5

Reviewed by: School Library Journal

K-Gr 2
This sequel to The Best Little Ghost in the World (Top Shelf, 2008) isn’t as fully realized and compelling as its predecessor, but it retains the same charm and humor. Johnny Boo, a little ghost, has an ability to scare called “boo power,” while his pet ghost uses his “squiggle power” to swoop and swirl through the air. When Squiggle flies upward to find out how stars get their “twinkle power,” Johnny Boo runs into their old friend Ice Cream Monster, who wants to learn about Johnny’s special talent. When Squiggle returns, the three friends invent an entirely new skill that sends people running: wiggle power. Johnny Boo’s hair, however, performs the best trick of all: a flop to the side that leaves Squiggle (and, likely, readers) in stitches. Characters have genuine feelings–they get scared, upset, and jealous. They can be friendly and self-centered. Young readers will relate to the honest interactions among them. The vividly colored cartoon illustrations are basic, yet pack an expressive punch. Likable characters, humor, and attractive art make this title appropriate for general purchase.
–Travis Jonker, Dorr Elementary School, MI