Written by Fábio Moon, Art by Gabriel Bá

Publisher: AIT/PlanetLar

Format: 80pg, softcover, black and white, $9.95

Category: Children's Fantasy

Dewey: 741.5 MON

Subjects: Comics and comic books, etc.; Romance-fiction; Love stories.

ISBN-13: 978-1-93205-122-3

Reviewed by: Kat Kan

"Once upon a time there was a story, a love story."

Ever wonder what it's like to find your soulmate when you were a child? Miro, Boris, and Ursula have been friends ever since they can remember. They play, tell each other stories, and enjoy each other's company. Then, on Ursula's eleventh birthday, she must leave to do what the women in her family do, and she can never return. But she tells Miro, "We'll see each other forever. You just have to imagine that we're together. Just like in dreams."

Fast forward some years, and the reader sees Miro now a handsome young man, whose father — the King — tells him it's time to marry. Miro decides it's time to find Ursula, and with faithful Boris' help he travels (via the royal jet) to the enchanted lands where the fairies live, for that is what Ursula is and always was. But when he finds her, her attitude shocks him — she yells for him to leave, that when fairies fall in love they explode. He kisses her anyway, and KABOOM. When they wake up, they're in their eleven-year-old bodies, somewhere in Ursula's mind. If they can find the right way out, they can be together for always. But if not...

This is a beautiful fable which children (ages nine and up) can read and enjoy, and teens and adults can read and ponder the meaning of love, loyalty, and friendship. The authors bring a European touch with a subtle storyline and a distinct sensibility which is different from most American comics. This book will touch hearts, make one smile, think tender thoughts, and feel ... wonderful. "And how does a love story end?" "It doesn't." Beautiful.