Dorothy of Oz Vol. 4

by Hee-Joon Son

Publisher: Udon

Format: softcover, 6x8, black & white, $11.95

ISBN: 978-1-897376-34-8

Reviewed by: Library Journal

It's déjà vu for 16-year-old Mara when her dog Toto finds that old glove she brought back—on the glove are the letters OZ. She starts to remember...it was ten years ago, wasn't it? Then Toto dashes off down an alley. She chases him...the alley widens into the Yellow Brick Road...and she's not in Seoul anymore. In this new Oz, the witches have paranormal powers based on science. Mara finds hospitality with Selluriah, the friendly Witch of the East (in a switch from the original story where East is evil) who calls her "Dorothy" and teaches her what the glove can do. And when Mara tries on the witch's red boots and taps her heels, she suddenly morphs into a sexy witch herself! But a surprise attack of the Witch of the West's clones leaves Selluriah dead and Mara on the run. As she tries to avoid enemies and find a way home, she meets her three sidekicks. Her new Scarecrow is a telekinetic clone from the East, the Tin Woodman a cyborg from the South, and the Cowardly Lion a mutant chimera from the North. This reworking of Oz standbys offers constant surprises, a convoluted plot, numerous satisfying combat sequences, and attractive art. There is some inexplicit near-nudity when Mara morphs into her witch persona. For teens and up. —Martha Cornog