March of the Crabs Volume 1: The Crabby Condition

March of the Crabs: The Crabby ConditionWritten by: Arthur de Pins
Illustrated by: Arthur de Pins
Publisher: BOOM! Studios/Archaia
Format: Hardcover, 7 x 10, 112 pages, Full Color, $19.99
ISBN: 978-1-60886-689-2

Reviewed by: Diamond BookShelf

Through time, species tend to adapt and evolve in order to better thrive in their surroundings. But what if there were a species that didn’t evolve? And what if the members of that species grew tired of their static situation?

Arthur de Pins' March of the Crabs examines this scenario in a humor-filled look at Cancer Simplicimus Vulgaris–the square crab–who, through a trick of nature, can not turn its body, but must walk the same path back and forth. When a crab loses his friend to beachcombing kids due to lack of mobility, he falls into despair. But in the course of rescuing a fellow square crab from a menacing band of brown crabs, he unwittingly discovers a method of circumventing the physical limitations, and proposes to spread this revolutionary idea to all his species. Meanwhile, a nature film crew has taken a special interest in the square crab, convinced that if the square crab evolves, it will mean the end of humanity.

The Crabby Condition is a light, fun read that examines the crabs' plight from their point of view, along with humans whose lives intersect with their struggles. The plot features a number of twists and turns–including a third act that guarantees a sequel–which keep the story moving at a quick pace that keeps the reader engaged and waiting for the next development. De Pins' animation background shines in the graphics, which has the feel of modern-retro pop art, and easily switches perspectives between animal and human POVs.

March of the Crabs: The Crabby Condition is suggested for Young Adult (13+) readers and features a light amount of cursing as well as the occasional cigarette smoking, and is suggested for readers who enjoy nature- and animal-based fiction, as well as humorous looks at the ups and downs of life.