The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Vol. 1: Night Powers

By Chris Hastings, Benito Cereno, and Les McClaine

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Format: Softcover, 10x7, full color, $19.99

ISBN: 978-1-59582-709-8

Reviewed by: Diamond BookShelf

Popular web comic Dr. McNinja gets the deluxe print treatment in this collection from Dark Horse Comics. This volume collects three full-color stories following the exploits of a practicing medical doctor from a family of ninjas as he takes on monsters, gods, pterodactyls and a destructive unicorn in the form of a rainbow-colored motorcycle.

Riddled with explosions, inventive characters such as Robster, a giant lobster-man who is also a thief, and insane plot twists on practically every page, Dr. McNinja: Night Powers captures the fun of video games, Saturday morning cartoons and summer blockbusters. A running commentary from author Chris Hastings at the bottom of each page adds an extra layer of humor and explains some of his influences.

While there is a lot of violence, it is portrayed cartoonishly, wryly aware of its own ridiculousness. Hilarious and surprising, this book is recommended for teens and adults with an appreciation for the bizarre and a love of outrageous adventure.

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