Image Comics' DARK FANG Blends Themes In Its Take On Climate Change

Collecting issues 1 through 5, Image Comics presents the first volume in the ecological action horror thrill ride by MILES GUNTER and KELSEY SHANNON - Dark Fang Volume 1: Earth Calling.

Readers meet Valla, a vampire who has resided on the bottom of the ocean for a century. When her aquatic paradise is destroyed by a dark liquid plague, she travels to the surface in search of answers. What she finds is a world threatened by climate change and a civilization powerless to stop it. Eventually mankind will be wiped out and Valla will have no food supply. If she is to survive, then the fossil fuel industries must fall.

"I keep getting surprised by her innocence," series artist Kelsey Shannon said in an interview with Newsarama. "Once our modern ways get her attention in the worst way, things happen very fast and even I forget that up until this moment she's had very little experience with the world. She's just pure instinct."

When asked about the messages of global warming and technology addiction, series writer Miles Gunter told Newsarama that "Dark Fang was largely born out of the anger and frustration we feel towards people either denying or having an apathetic attitude towards climate change."

"This is the biggest threat facing life on Earth as we know it, and it's not going away," he continued. "With the proliferation of smartphones, technological addiction is at an all time high. Everywhere I go, people are glued to their phones. Just the other day I saw a school bus full of kids and the driver was looking at their phone while driving. Both of these problems are the result of excessive appetite; our civilization's appetite for oil and our individual appetites for looking at screens instead of the world around us. This theme of appetite is central to Dark Fang."

Dark Fang Volume 1: Earth Calling is catgorized as a horror thriller for mature readers and will be available May 15, 2018. For a preview of the graphic novel, see below.