Magic And Monsters Leaves Image Moonstruck

Lumberjanes creator Grace Ellis has not rested on her laurels, as she has a new book that's now available through Image Comics. Get ready for magic and monsters in the upcoming Moonstruck (978-1-5343-0477-2, $9.99)! Drawn by Shae Beagle — with a cover by Beagle as well — this new ongoing series explores a story about monsters, romance, and magical hijinks.

Ellis' story revolves areound fantasy creatures living among humans. And the life of a barista. Welcome to Julie's world. She wants to be unremarkable. She has no desire to be a superstar. She likes her normal job. She likes her normal almost-girlfriend.

But unpredictable transformations into the form of a werewolf makes life...complicated. Her best friend, a centaur named Chet, might be her best bet in trying to marginalize her unruly change into a furry beast. Plus, Chet seems to add fuel to the fire in that a magical conspiracy might be the answer for the Julie's undesirable alter-ego. After all, now Julie's friends seem to be caught up in a drama of their own. Will Julie and Chet be able to rescue her friends while simultaneously running a coffee shop?

You'll have to pick up Moonstruck (978-1-5343-0477-2, $9.99) to find the answers!

Moonstruck TP is slated to release March 2018.

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